Tech session agenda example

The agenda for a Tech Session is always customised to fit the needs and wants of the participants. Below is an example.

Introduction to the Technology Cards (5-10 min)

  • Welcome and introduction to the cards by the facilitator.
  • The participants get a few minutes to get an overview of the cards.
  • The facilitator answers questions and briefly explains technologies if requested.
  • The participants can create extra cards, if they want to add technologies.
Splitting the participants into groups of 3 or 4 persons (2 min)
  • The groups each get a deck of cards to play with.
Game 1: Which technologies do we find most important? (30 min)
  • Each participant votes for the three technologies they find the most important
  • Using the voting results as a starting point for discussion, the group debates which technologies they find the most important for their company or department to invest in.
  • The most important technologies are placed in one end of the board, and the least important technologies in the other end.
  • The groups are encouraged to write down their thoughts/justifications/ideas next to the Technology Cards in either end of the board.
Presentation of the results and plenary discussion (20 min)
  • A representative from each group briefly present their board and highlights some insights from the group discussion.
  • Plenary discussion: Did the groups select similar technologies to be important? Where do the groups differ – and why?
  • Evaluation and discussion of next steps.

Add a game or two to the agenda:

Game 2: Which technologies go together? (10 min)

  • Take the point of departure in the technologies selected as the most important in game 1.
  • Group discussion: Which technologies are related – e.g. because they are used for similar tasks, or because one technology depend on the other. Group the related technologies.
Game 3: How does the future look like and what should we do to get there? (90 min)
  • Take the point of departure in the technologies selected as the most important in game 1 – or the groups of related technologies from game 2.
  • Draw a timeline on the board: 2019-2035
  • General discussion: Create a common vision (30 min): 
    • How do we envision the long-term future (2035)? What will our company offerings be? What will customers desire? How are the technologies used, when they are fully implemented?
    • Write, draw and place technology cards next to the year 2035, in order to describe your vision. Dare think big, and be as concrete as possible.
  • In groups: Use the vision to do backcasting (30 min): 
    • Consider the steps necessary to reach your common vision for 2035: Where should we be in 2030, 2025 and 2020 to reach our vision in 2035?
    • Write, draw and place technology cards next to the years 2030, 2025, 2020 in order to outline your roadmap for the future. Be as concrete as possible.
  • Presentation and evaluation (20 min): 
    • A representative from each group presents their roadmap to the others.
    • Plenary discussion of similarities and next steps
    • Evaluation and next steps.
24 JULY 2024