Cloud-based construction management

Cloud-based construction management

When project information is stored in the cloud, it is immediately accessible to all project stakeholders regardless of location. Rather than relying on paper print-outs, on-site workers can access the most recent project plan by means of mobile devices.

Cloud-based construction management software allows construction professionals to save diverse project information in one place, and access this information anytime anywhere by means of mobile devices. By using this software, construction professionals both on- and off-site may be assisted in one or more of the following tasks:

  • Financial tasks such as accounting, reporting and invoicing
  • Order management tasks such as generating bids and proposals
  • Client management tasks such as client communication
  • Collaborative tasks such as information sharing with non-collocated team members
  • Project management tasks such as time scheduling and daily task logging
  • Inventory and equipment management such as keeping track of stock levels

Benefits and challenges

  • More efficient construction process, as project information is more easily accessible and less time spent on information exchange
  • Better project results as mistakes due to misinformation can be avoided
  • Improved collaboration on projects due to reduced uncertainty in the construction process
  • Cost savings, as less software and hardware need to be maintained.
  • Considerable bandwidth needed to permit complex data transfers
  • Risk of sharing of misinformation
  • Risk of cyber-attacks and data breaches

Application examples

The technology company GenieBelt (soon to be LetsBuild) has developed a web-application for managing projects, assigning tasks and monitoring progress. The GenieBelt platform provides executives a real-time overview of the on-going projects and provide project managers with a tool for progress monitoring, time scheduling and task delegation. By means of a smartphone, on site construction workers can use the GenieBelt app to access their task list, report task progress and notify managers of any on-site issues ( site and video).

The technology company CoConstruct offers a project coordination platform that helps professional home builders coordinate their projects, communicates with clients and workers and controls financials. The web application can also be used for creating bids, streamline budgets and share files (

Development stage

Cloud-based construction management tools are commercially available. 

Construction impact

This technology will primarily affect the design and construction phases of construction projects. 

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24 JULY 2024