Selected Technology Cards

The Cards

The Technology Cards present 22 digital technologies that may create disruptive changes in the construction sector.

Use the cards as

  • an information tool to get an overview of digital technologies entering construction
  • a dialogue tool to imagine how the future of the sector will look like
  • a strategic tool to prioritise technologies according to their perceived importance

Providing an overview of digital technologies disruptive to the construction sector

Many analysis reports, news articles and academic papers seek to anticipate the impact of specific digital technologies. Whereas one report heralds the potential of using augmented reality on construction sites, another describes the benefits of smart cities, or analyse the impact of brick-laying robots. The Technology Cards seeks to provide an overview of the many digital technologies approaching the construction sector.

Facilitating dialogue and creating a common understanding of an uncertain future

We believe that to make good strategic decisions for the future, established construction companies need to anticipate the combined impact of digital technologies. The Technology Cards provides a way to work strategically with anticipating the future of the sector. The cards are similar to playing cards to invite players to experiment with them, connect different technologies and prioritise them. A Technology Card Game entails no right or wrong answers, rather the cards are made to facilitate dialogue and create a common understanding of an uncertain future.